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SSC A/W 23 

THE YEAR OF COLOUR CONTINUES… ... with the release of four new A/W looks inspired by the Ode to Colour!

How are people blossoming in 2023? One word, COLOUR!


Because we breathe colour just like you do. Odysseys from earthy, commercial tones to bold, extravagant statements!

Colour is how we communicate; it reflects our attitudes & behaviours and it’s one of the ways we connect our community together. With our latest Street Style Collection we want to build an emotional connection with all true colour lovers.

We believe in the power of colour. How you make a statement with your colour choice. How you dare to express yourself. Colour has no specific language, it offers communication across countries, generations, genders.

We play with colours in harmony or colours in contrast. DO YOU DARE TO JOIN US? #SimplySmarterCOLOUR


Summer was all about the Wedge, but for winter we’re celebrating The Peach Gradation trend. Even though she moved from trousers to a skirt, jeans remain her muse – her outfit symbolises a wild escapism.

The colour palette on the top creates a landscape to dive into. The high-heeled boots draw an aerial silhouette, as if The Peach Gradation had the power to fly around the world. The look inspires a safe journey, thanks to a peaceful and united blue colour, where calming tones allow the hair’s bright shades of apricot and peach to shine through..

What you need to recreate the trend


Purple top, lavender shades, The Candy Edge trend follows the colour rules of 2022. In fact, the whole world was inspired by the luxurious purple dresses seen within the American series, Bridgerton.

The digital lavender of the hair also reminds us of how virtual our planet has become with a total look that mirrors our society with a subtle touch of sensuality. The dark, tight trousers and boots give a cool effect which is softened by the brightness of the hair.

Beauty emerges from such contrast.

What you need to recreate the trend


Optimism, balance, creativity, that’s what people are looking for when wearing colours and The Blue Infinity trend perfectly matches these expectations.

The orange top makes this look refreshing, while the blue coat tones down the brightness – paired with the subtly specked blue-grey and brown-orange flared trouser, to refine and add a touch of class.

This hair colour is made for the true colour lover who enjoys playing with contrasts; feel the power of optimism in these intensive blue accents, clash-matching with the dark brown tones.

What you need to recreate the trend


Ready to dive into the past? The Earthy Texture trend will kick you back to the 90s with all the streetwear-inspired clothes and accessories.

Reminiscent of skate culture fashion where oversized short sleeved t-shirts are layered over longer sleeves, styled half-tucked in with edgy chains and boots – this is a look that claims the grunge scene a thousand times over.

The Earthy Texture trend spreads energy and determination through wild curls, often adored by 90s music icons. The fantasy of the colour hue flows through the hair with punchy yellow tones, balanced by copper shades.

What you need to recreate the trend