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Did You Know?

Some Facts About Electricity

Fact #01

1 salon consumes around 40,000 kWH of electricity per year.

Fact #03

LED bulbs may cost more but they consume much less energy than standard bulbs and last about 60 times longer.

Fact #02

Reducing the room temperature of 1°C reduces your annual heating bill by about 10 %


Make your move

To motion-sensor lighting. Install in bathrooms and break rooms, so they only come on when needed.

Be a turn off

Stop burning energy and money with the flick of a switch by simply turning off all curling and flat irons, blow dryers and all lights when you are not using them.

Bright idea

LED lights are the marathon runners of bulbs - lasting for up to 25,000 hours on average. They might not be suitable for working stations where you want more natural light for colouring etc., but get these LED champs working for you using them in your front desk and back-of-house.

Are your lights on but no-one in the salon?

Turn off all electrical equipment including: computers, copy machines and coffee makers at the end of the day.